Two Days For LunaNova

two days for lunanova

Two days? Is that all?

wiggle tongue  ehwhat mare's nest version

For CK213, it brought back some nightmare times:

two days for lunanova 1

Yes, but think of them as character building and a positive learning experience.

What do you mean ‘sod off Mares with the modern management-speak crap!’ ?

Jaletu2005 confessed to having been in the same boat:

two days for lunanova 2

But if you really want to drive CK213 mad, give him a tractor:

two days for lunanova 3

Wimp! What’s the point of getting the tractor set if you’re not going to spend hours laying out the perfect tractor path and trying to get the bumnugget to work. We suppose you never tried laying out your own romantic gondola route either.

Oh, you played the last piece of EA Store content once and never again? Just like everyone else?

evilgrin  evilgrin

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