To Leicester City Football Club

leicester city english league champions 2016

You’d really have to have a heart of stone not to shed a tear. Disney’s The Greatest Game Ever Played has nothing on this. The story has made world wide attention today, and rightly so.

A football club in a hideously unbalanced football league system where Chelsea, Manchester City and United all spent more on players in the last two years than Leicester City have spent in their entire one hundred and thirty two year history.

Yet they are the new English league champions – at odds of a mere five thousand to one.

Last March the club was looking certain to be relegated to the second tier of English football (where they usually reside) and needing a miracle run of victories to avoid this.

Then King Richard III (whom we’ve both got a bit of a soft spot for – despite being Britain’s worst babysitter…) finally got his proper burial on 26th March… whereupon Leicester City promptly started their miracle run of victories with the same team of players that previously kept losing. Kind of spooky, eh?

Whatever the truth behind this most unlikely of triumphs, it’s lovely to see the nice guys and fans of a side not used to trophies every season or every second season winning for a change – come on the Foxes!

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