‘What Was It Like In The Olden Days, Mum? When The World Was In Black And White And Not Colour.’

the olden days of sims 3

Well on the EA forum they were more upset with people being ‘nooby’ to Aarin and not ‘realising’ how ‘awesome’ obnoxious little shits like Dollet/Tellod, etc were.

As Stdlr9 and Dreamerz13 confirmed, it was not the same style of rancour as with the Glitterturd:

the olden days of sims 3 6

World Explorer Pary was right to mention that this is a very old topic that was done to death only last year, but the real shot that went home came from CravenLestat:

the olden days of sims 3 1

‘Still goes on today with people saying 3 is bad cause I can’t run it. Same as saying a AK-47 is a bad gun because I am a terrible shot’

bravo  thumb

It wouldn’t be an ‘olden days’ thread without Rflong7/13’s input, and thankfully she obliged:

the olden days of sims 3 2

CK213 gave everyone the link to the very beginnings:

the olden days of sims 3 3

From RodJohn’s shivers to DeShong04’s memoirs, largely similar to our own mentioned a few days before (whoops, perhaps we ought not to say that in case that fruitloop SimStaff Bethelle bans her next for being us!):

the olden days of sims 3 4

Speaking of which, perhaps King_of_SimCity7 was unwise to admit to their old forum name of Khybersmith, since the only way you got your details scrubbed like that was for being permabanned for something serious (or EA being fuckwits, as Sharkloverplayer can confirm…)…

the olden days of sims 3 5

But the most comprehensive overview came from BSIRegina aka Misty, who back in the old days was also running a certain (and much missed) Custom Sims forum:

the olden days of sims 3 7

So yes, to conclude, there’s a marked change in the complaints between Sims 3 and Sims 4. And until EA acknowledges this, they’re going to keep on alienating their dwindling customer base until there isn’t enough left to care about any projected Sims 5.

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