‘We Beg Your Pardon, CK213 Never Promised You A Nectar Garden…’

ck213's nectar garden

CK213 is back to Sims 3 ways and all is right with the world.

Already atoning for his previous Sims 3-lessness, he has restarted operations creating the Holy Sacrament of Nectar (at least according to Lauryl…).

ck213's nectar garden 1

Fruit tree planted to maximise efficiency of yields along tractor path and four nectar makers in a basement with not only nectar racks at the ready but also beds to ensure not a minute is wasted. This is some serious Simmie swillo he’s intending to brew up.

CravenLestat will approve of CK213’s ulterior motives for this little set up:

ck213's nectar garden 2

Because every girl wants a boyfriend with his own nectar production line!

winedrinking  winedrinking

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