Sim Secret Loses Any Sense Of Irony In Screening Comments Because ‘Some People Cannot Behave’!

You had to see it to believe it:

sim secret has no sense of irony

yewot  yewot

Riiiiiiiiiiight? Sim Secret has decided to start screening comments.

You know, the place whose whole raison d’etre was every little shit on the planet could post anything they liked – no matter how cruel, unfair, untruthful or downright libellous – without restriction?

What kicked this off? The following:

sim secret has no sense of irony 1

When the inevitable backlash happened in the comments section, Sim Secret‘s chief Prah2010 – whom has shown all the calm competence of a rabbit in the middle of a rush hour motorway – got all tough and stuff… sort of.

sim secret has no sense of irony 2

In Prah2010’s eyes it’s okay to make a post about a highly offensive mod to everyone about the intelligence level of a caveman – after all, all Sim Secret ‘secrets’ are approved by them first before publishing every Friday – but they draw the line at anything else that’s not politically correct.

Okay Prah2010, just how big a bumnugget are you? Does it really need to be spelled out why post twenty seven should never have appeared in the first place?

What the plumbob goes on in Prah2010’s mind is beyond disturbing to us, especially considering that this week’s warnings including that there was going to be posts about ‘kink shaming’:

sim secret has no sense of irony 3

The kink in question?

sim secret has no sense of irony 4

Suppose it’s a miracle it was published at all considering to Prah2010 it represents some sort of ‘thought crime’…

As we’ve pointed out before, there’s some in the Simming community a little too interested in watching animals having sex for comfort. Anthropomorphism is one thing, but the fact that a lot of the weirdos on Dumblr that are fans of places such as My Sims Fantasy appear obsessed with stories and legacies where they’re bonking one another like rabbits (alright, alright, maybe that wasn’t the best comparison to use considering the topic!) or happen to openly be big fans of Oniki (a sick bastard who does a bestality and rape mod) does set alarm bells ringing.

But to Prah2010, that’s ‘kink shaming’, rather than objecting to a shower of sick losers. You really get the readership you deserve!

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