Stdlr9’s Brucie Moment, Asking ‘Didn’t They Do Well?’

didn't they do well

It’s certainly an interesting premise they’ve brought up here, pinpointing those particular ‘whoa!’ moments in the Sims 3 that made you want to give them a round of applause.

Naturally we approve of Stdlr9 and Kylieb191 wanting to have horses in their game!

sunshine  thumb

Young mistress Pary added her own favourites…

didn't they do well 1

… but what-what-what-whaaaaaaat? No mention of worlds? Just wait until Rflong7/13, Writin_Reg and Tangie-HappySimmer3 hears about this!

StephSteb did mention worlds, however Lucifer Sam, Hazel and Yew weren’t too happy with what she also had to say…

didn't they do well 2

Bad kitty, no treat!

Which reminds us to remind you that the ticklekitty is still being tickled.


It is important that you know this.

Can you believe we’ve finally found someone that likes the imaginary friends?

didn't they do well 3

So that’s HSmith2016 and Taffer Rad – anyone else out there admit they were charmed by them?

No prizes for guessing where CravenLestat’s favourites lay…

didn't they do well 4

But for the lesser spotted Ms_Bloomsbury, it’s more five simple little things…

didn't they do well 5

So what’s yours? Get over there and add your own favourite things in.

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