Wibs Plays Sims On Acid

wibs plays sims on acid

Little Emery had lots of relatives, but he loved uncle Jamie the best.

He would take him out on long walks and they’d have so many adventures together.

Now for most children, going for a walk with their uncle sounded very dull and boring, or if it was one of those uncles that smelled of lots of alcohol and had a strange leering look about them perhaps a little disturbing, but uncle Jamie was the best uncle a boy could have.

When they got near the park, uncle Jamie would give Emery one of his special Magic Sweets, the ones which were their little secret and never to tell any of the grown ups, and before long the world was transformed and they would have one of their fantastic adventures.

The sky would have a wonderful vibrancy, a cyan quite like nothing else Emery could ever remember (when he could remember afterwards that is, although he would sometimes remember such happy times with astounding clarity when he was right in the middle of something else and it was such a happy daydream it would take him a long time to come back to reality). The first daffodils of spring would be doing the Safety Dance. The ducks would moo, the kitty cats quacked, and the pink spotty elephants encouraged him and uncle Jamie to dance on their backs before sending them once more on the quest around the seas of the moon to find the Green Manalishi with the two pronged crown.

For they had to defeat it in battle with their wiffle bats so that the marzipan goats of Morthal could finally return home to make the moon cheese for the autumn feast.

Their search continued.

tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use  tonguedrop edited for mare's nest use

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