I_Care: Shit Troll Is Shit

Is this what it’s come to on the EA forum when this is the best bumnuggetry the bumnuggets can come up with?

i_care what a crap troll

‘But I can remember in the past I did not need The Sims 3 for playing with Loft Stuff (even ’cause I have not the Sims 3).’

wanker  wanker

Next he/she/it will be saying they did it without a computer or console.

And ChelleJo and Igazor, you fell for this blatant fishing trip?

i_care what a crap troll 1

Dear oh dear.

No surprises for guessing what came next:

i_care what a crap troll 2

shakehead  shakehead

By the way folks, I_Care just happens to be a popular Twitter/Dumblr, etc hashtag popular amongst social justice warriors… and trolls looking to entrap them with faux online campaigns and issues.

Just thought we ought to mention it…

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

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