Friday The 13th Post

Dear All,

This is going to be short and to the point.

Yes, this week hasn’t exactly been sterling service from ourselves. One of us has been finishing off year end exams, and the other (your humble narrator) has been…

… well …

… let’s just say dealing with a health scare.

One that since November they realised they could no longer ignore after well over a year of ignoring, yet still managed to once again until April when the pain had finally moved from intermittent to daily to all the bloody time, whereupon it was time to cease trying to use a combination of ignoring and hoping it will go away (and codeine for the bad days).

Since then have been getting so many blood tests they were beginning to wonder whether they were simply topping up the local vampires’ cocktail supply cabinet.

But still with no definitive answer as to what’s going on.

(And the possible answers there could be… well, let’s just say none of them are particularly good).

So, sorry about that, but neither of us has been in much mood to get our fingers out. Will try harder.

Message ends.

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