ChelleJo’s Sand And Sandals Simming Epic… If Only She Can Get The Sandals At Least!

Okay, this is a pretty unusual request.

chellejo's biblical request

There were of course togas that could be modified from the so-called ‘limited’ edition of the University Life EP, which you can pick up for free all over the joint – or you can get Amylet’s female togas over at Hello Little Girl Would You Like A Sweetie Mod The Sims.  For sandals, there’s Gosik’s which look appropriate for the era (again only for female unfortunately).

There’s also the Al-Simhara clothes from World Adventures and the various Greco-Roman pieces from EA and umpteen mod creators.

If anyone else can help ChelleJo, here’s where to go on the EA forum – go on, help one of the good eggs out!

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