It’s All In The Spin: How EA Covers Up Dissent On Sims 4 In Their Own EA Forum

nannysteph is so over sims 4 1

Earlier in the month, EA’s version of Comical Ali – Graham Nardone – told anyone that would listen about the supposed growth in the Sims 4 player base – which is rather different to the story we’ve been getting told locally by those in Britain’s beleaguered games shops who have been discounting even the Sims 4 bundle sets in the hopes of shifting some of the fuckers.

Of course, this doesn’t allow for the ever increasing numbers of people who simply download games from online, but what happened with the following thread today is certainly illustrative that whatever stories Graham Nardone may be barfing, EA’s desperation to shield it’s decreasing fanbase from bad news tells otherwise:

nannysteph is so over sims 4

NannySteph and SarahsShady made their feelings known about the Glitterturd on the forum today, and as World Explorers Pary and Tangie-HappySimmer3 duly noted, EA’s response was to move the thread into the Sims 3 section.

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Now why would EA’s Simgurus and/or SimStaff do that? Why not simply scrub the thread if they don’t want Sims 4 players to read bad news? This is the part where you get to see what sneaky bumnuggets they are. By moving the critical thread into the Sims 3 section, it dilutes those wanting to talk about Sims 3 in that section – perpetuating the myth that the ‘old’ game’s section is staid and all Sims 3 players have left to keep them is moaning about Sims 4.

GabbyGirlJ and King_Of_SimCity7 meanwhile were adding their contributions – the former adding to the World Explorers’ musings…

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… as did the latter – latterly! – along with HSmith2016 and StephSteb:

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There was some light relief however as CravenLestat was meanwhile eyeing up Pary to be the latest of his Sims 3 game wifelets!

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Down boy, down!

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