Sim Secret Screws Up Again!

Dear oh dear!

sim secret fucks up again

The problem?

sim secret fucks up again 1

A mere sixteen ‘secrets’ – and Prah2010 and/or the antiquated LiveJournal platform managed to screw up all but one of them.

slaplol  point

They’ve certainly not been having a good time of late, reflected by the fact their less than charming posters have been turning their impotent ire on us – with their customary disregard for such basic concepts as the truth which has long been the bugbear the Simming community’s scumbags have had with us:

sim secret fucks up again 2


Okay, here’s this week’s prize competition – name a single preteen we’ve ever slagged off in The Mare’s Nest. In your own time…

As some of you may remember, we spent a fair old bit of time actually sticking up for them against evil shits like Jarsie9, creepy sexual perverts and of course the organised mob bullies of Aarin’s Jazz-Hands forum. That said, the likes of Cloverstardropper and Spychip did somewhat prove to be more than capable of looking after themselves…

But please continue:

sim secret fucks up again 3

We’re sure if we ever said anything remotely un-PC, Vidkid20 (who is, erm, black…) and Cloverstardropper (who is trans and has Aspergers…) would be the first to pull us up for it (well okay, Switch would dominate us with her crabbiness whilst Viddie would give us tittie twisters…).

Oh, we don’t occupy the moral high ground by the way, it’s more the case that Sim Secret occupies the utter depths of scumanity all too often.

Little of it is true or worthwhile – much of it petty spite targetting such harmless souls as Berrypie, MedleyMisty or Sharkloverplayer whilst remaining remarkably quiet whenever there is any real need to cry ‘foul’. Some of it is even dedicated to the sort of historical revisionism that would make David Irving blush – such as perpetuating the myths surrounding The Sims Resource with those running More Awesome Than You and Mod The Sims (dealt with here).

Which as we’ve explained before is a pity, because when Sim Secret does good, it does so with remarkable effectiveness. Mod The Sims was treading very, very dangerous ground two years ago which could easily have led to adverse publicity that the Simming community could have ill afforded (just a pity that Delphy never learned any lessons from it) – the Lungpaul character in particular it turned out was heavily involved in gaming circles obsessed with adding rape and bestiality mods to games including the Sims series.

Which begs the question as to why those at Sim Secret claim that we did the exact opposite of what we did!

sim secret fucks up again 5

yewot  yewot

Yeah, and we’re soooo top of Delphy, and Lungpaul’s Christmas card lists – and we don’t think!

slaplol  whistling mares nest version

sim secret fucks up again 4

But we digress. The trouble is that SS does the useful stuff once in the very bluest of moons – most of it is week after tortuous week all about being negative and shitty, whereas we’re more about being silly and jokey for the larger part, and that’s the biggest difference of all between us and Sim Secret – and thank the plumbob (note spelling, wretches!) this is so. Hence the reason why we concentrated over the years so much on fruitcakes such as Sunnisweetyxoxo, Spookyscones, etc. and their antics.

The irony was – of course – a mere week later, guess who they were relying on to tell them the truth about another of the arch-bumnuggets and drama queens of the Simming world?

sim secret fucks up again 6

Once again, your super soaraway Mare’s Nest provides the goods where others can only look on with envy.

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

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