Getting OCD With Sims 3

If there was ever a game which indulged people’s Obsessive Compulsive tendencies, it’s Sims 3 and all its micromanaging capabilities.

getting ocd with sims 3

Carlymichelle and HSmith2016 were far from alone:

getting ocd with sims 3 1

It wouldn’t be an EA forum thread without one of the World Explorers turning up (roll your tongue back in, CravenLestat – Pary’s Simmie’s just not that into you!), or one of the other regulars like SimKeats, who like a true poet wants her Simmies to be productive.

(What do you lot mean ‘get them producing nectar then!’?)

And pity poor ChelleJo, who discovered that trying to prevent going OCD was a definite Taffer moment…

getting ocd with sims 3 2

you know, fight the addiction ending up false?

rimshot  tomato

Lasummerb’s excuses for OCD don’t wash whereas Simasaurus09 works on the premise of do-as-I-do, not-as-I-tick-the-boxes!

getting ocd with sims 3 3

Whereas TadOlson is OCD about TadOlson’s Sims 3 game because…

getting ocd with sims 3 4

… well, you’ve already filled in that gag yourselves!

evilgrin  evilgrin

Suzsez so OCD, it’s a miracle her Simmies aren’t on Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors:

getting ocd with sims 3 5

For Rflong7/13 however, it’s more a problem of needing to cut up – rather than cut down – her Simming OCD:

getting ocd with sims 3 6

Bloody slacker!

But there’s always some that don’t know where to quit:

getting ocd with sims 3 7

And we don’t mean in the game – Girkl and Surreal… really guys?

shakehead  shakehead

getting ocd with sims 3 8

Okay Girkl, now you’ve finished boring the shit out of everyone with your wall of text on your special snowflakiness, can we get back to the fun topic?

getting ocd with sims 3 9

Evidently not.

Thankfully Nickibitsward was around to save the OCD day, much to StephSteb’s amusement.

getting ocd with sims 3 10

Only for King_of_Simcity7 to completely mess it up:

getting ocd with sims 3 11

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

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