Hey Sharkloverplayer, This Post Is All For You!

Hey Jeff Carter, dude!

You’ll never guess who has suddenly reappeared out of the blue, looking for our attention a few days ago…

callum9432 demonstrates yet again he is the fatloverplayer troll

Now, do you remember whom we said was behind all this shittiness to your esteemed personage?

And you will also remember we called him out as a hypocrite who showed far more evidence that he was using the Sims series as a masturbation aid than the person he attacked with yellow press?

Well you’ll never guess who started posting again on an account he’s not used since last Christmas on the same day the Fatloverplayer account became active again?

callum9432 demonstrates yet again he is the fatloverplayer troll 1

Oh! What’s that? You didn’t think we knew about your Twitter account because we never mentioned it? Tut-tut, you should know us by now…

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

Yes, here’s your internet tough guy of the last few years, and unfortunately for all of you Stateside as if you don’t have enough homegrown oxygen thieves of your own this insipid weed has been exported to the unfortunate residents of Hampton, Virginia – just across the water from our Viddy.

On the behalf of the entire British Isles, we apologise!

callum9432 demonstrates yet again he is the fatloverplayer troll 2

Ahahahaha, anyone who comes out with that shit says, thinks and notices the sum total of f**k all!

Still, look on the bright side, if he tries to resurrect his shit stirring and trolling activities, he’s now within your jurisdiction so you can take action accordingly.

And for those of you that were dumb enough to believe Callum9432’s feeble attempts to wriggle out of being caught out back in 2013, how does it feel to be proven wrong yet again?

sunshine  sunshine

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