R3b3ckvh Doesn’t Want Sweet Succulent Grannies At Uni

Ageism is alive and well on the EA forum it seems:

r3b3ckvh doesn't like mature students

Hey kidda, they’re the only ones that can afford to go to University these days with Student loans not being what they used to be and part-time or seasonal jobs few and far between! Who says University Life was unrealistic?!

‘it is soooo weird that there are a bunch of stinky, old women who can’t cook or clean up after themselves in my sorority.’

That’s the lecturers, dear!

Anyway, you can’t have a Uni without a bunch of ‘mature students’ acting like they own the place, being condescending to the ‘young’ students, boring them to death about having ‘already graduated in the University of Life before coming here’, sucking up their tutors arses by laughing too loudly at every joke made no matter how feeble in the mistaken belief it will get them better marks…

… and attending every student party trying to get off with the younger students to convince themselves they can still cut the mustard!

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