Inmyeye Is Fishing For Answers

Hi everyone, it’s me Lauryl once again, helping you with all your Simming problems!

It’s a bit like Igazor’s advice on the EA forum – if Igazor had fallen out of a moving truck and had severe concussion…

Shaddup Mares, you big bunch of belching octopuses! Anyhow, Inmyeye is on the EA forum, with a question regarding problems slippery when wet.

autonomous fishing probs

A tricky problem indeed! But maybe he needs to approach the problem at a new angle (excuse the pun)?

You want to stop them fishing?

Put a sprinkler in your yard.

At least that will stop the fishing problem and ensure your fridge doesn’t end up like the inside of a Russian factory trawler!

Yes you would bloody suggest that considering you play with it every bloody day, wouldn’t you!

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