TiffanyLee007 Reappears Wanting To Bring Two To Three

Good heavens, is it that time of year already for TiffanyLee007’s annual post?

tiffanylee007 reappears

PuddinRoy generously proffered to fill in the blanks, but as CravenLestat pointed out, many from Sims 2 did reappear in Sims 3:

tiffanylee007 reappears 1

And for an encore:

tiffanylee007 reappears 2

It is also worth remembering that the old Crazytonians did an excellent Pleasantville remake, but that didn’t survive the fallout that led to Bear Mountain Creations and a lot of items which vanished then didn’t reappear later. There may be some bits and pieces left in the ‘successor’ forum to Crazy Town, but since as far as we’re concerned The Isz and her remaining unhinged soccermum sycophants can die for all we care, we know not what’s being hosted there (largely mods for those who treat Sims 3 as a masturbation aid last we heard…) and care even less.

There’s plenty of people that did make Sims 2 family remakes to be honest, it’s simply a matter of doing the searching to fill in the gaps – or make your own interpretations yourself.

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