Gitte2001’s Hair Raising Time With Titosims The ‘Politically Correct’ Trolling Hypocrite!

The following is a cautionary tale of why getting involved in Sim Secret is never a good idea, and also that some of those there are every bit as two-faced as those they’re calling out.

Our tale begins with criticism of the latest drivel from Titosims, one of the Dimblr wannabe Thought Police:

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret

Hmmm, we can think of one immediately with that distinct burst couch hair look too…

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 1

Hermione Grainger – heroine of every closed minded liberal humanist snob with a superiority complex that would make even Germaine Greer blush. Funny how the ones that liked Hermione also so often liked Bellatrix Lestrange too…

The strange thing was almost at once the ‘secret’ in question was called out by two different people (apparantly…) as coming from Gitte2001:

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 2

There followed someone claiming that ‘A few people have tried to explain things nicely to her, but of course she failed to listen’ – bear this in mind for later; and a rather disturbing one threatening violence (although there was of course the irony of someone doing so whilst themselves making a comment they would clearly not have the guts to make to Gitte2001’s face!).

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 4

‘…if she said that shit to anyone in person she’d get slapped right in her disrespectful little girl mouth. GO SIT DOWN IN THE CORNER AND THINK ABOUT THAT GITTE2001’.

Charming, eh? Bear also in mind the patronising tone of the last sentence for later.

At this point Gitte2001 appeared and admitted she had indeed been the one to make the post in question.

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 5

Poor form, of course, but she’s said nothing that she’s not exactly been saying out in public… and on her own Dumblr site…

Posted on 25th May 2016

Posted on 25th May 2016

… so, whatever!

The reply that she got however made us wonder what dimension some of those on Sim Secret come from:

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 6

yewot yewot

Gitte2001 really ought to have walked away at this point, but tried to explain herself, which as anyone could have predicted only lead to more self-righteous and downright patronising retorts from our oh-so-offended social justice wanker.

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 7

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more barking mad…

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 10

… Gitte2001 began to get berated for the horrors of King Leopold’s notorious private enterprise company in the Congo back in the late 19th to early 20th Century (whose main agent was the British explorer Stanley of ‘Dr Livingstone I presume?’ fame…) as if it was her fault! What it has to do with Sims 3 hair is anyone’s guess. Still, there is something hilarious about someone that hasn’t a bollocks about history trying to give a lecture to another about it.

So what was this ‘takedown’ that Gitte2001 had made to cause such offence as well?

gitte2001 replies to what is a necroed dumblr

On Saturday 28th May, Gitte2001 replied witheringly to one Ellavah to the cloying sentiment on social media that ‘Black Lives Matter’ – as if reblogging it over and over again is somehow going to change the world more than, say. having a black President of the United States (or getting out of your parent’s basement and doing some activist work in the fresh air if you really care that much…) – to make a point regarding the latest piece of tedious political correctness the Simming community is being inflicted with.

Those of you on Dumblr will know that some have been trying to conduct a cultural appropriation Säuberung regarding custom content that apparantly was offensive to ethnic minority Simmers (or ‘people of colour’ as is the ‘approved’ term from this self-appointed clique for a standardised Simming hivemind…) that never even knew they were offended in the first place until a bunch of spotty permavirgins concerned citizens pointed it out.

Hair has been the latest target under the absurd notion that certain content for the Sims series should only be used on Simmies made to look like a certain ethnicity – much to Gitte2001’s frustration. And she’s not the only one.

Let’s give you a worked example of what these clowns are getting worked up about taken to their ultimate conclusion: what if your Simmie born in game has parents from two ethnic groups? What if the sweet succulent grandparents were of more than one ethnic group too? Does the Simmie have to undergo some sort of Mischling Test to see what hair in CAS they are ‘allowed’ to have? Or should these freaking arsebuckets simply go get themselves lives?

It ought to be pointed out that Gitte2001 has shown some consistency on such matters: having pulled up some of the Berry Sweets for some taking their gameplay a little too close for comfort to playing fantasy ‘racial purity’ back in February of this year.

gitte2001 replies to what is a necroed dumblr 1

It’s some piece of bloody ‘hey-nonny-no’ music for those of you wondering, and sounds like the sort of thing those twats in Rush would use as intros to their songs in the hope their stoned out fanbase would make them think it was Steve Hackett during his Genesis days…

The Dumblr (or rather Dimblr in this case as it mentions the Sims series…) in question by Ellavah is one of those ones that insists on inflicting the Dumblrer’s choice of music on you from entry whether you like it or not – which as we’ve said before tells you all you need to know about the bumnugget behind it.

What tells you even more is that this oh-so-concerned Ellavah had chosen to reblog a post…

gitte2001 replies to what is a necroed dumblr 2

gitte2001 replies to what is a necroed dumblr 3

… from over a year ago!

Oh dear, looks like someone was feeling they weren’t getting enough attention and so decided to reblog a previously popular inanity in the search for internet high fives from the Simming community’s social justice wankers to masturbate their ego?

If anyone wants their suspicions further confirmed by the way that the hivemind have had Gitte2001 in their sights for sometime for daring to think anything different to themselves, have a look at this:

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 8

Yeah, a whole nine retweets of what looked suspiciously like someone tried to do their own little ‘What would Jix do’ routine like the Aarinites tried to do when someone dared to question their own little hivemind… funny how bumnuggets and bullies never change, eh?

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

But back to Sim Secret. Titosims now appeared to make her reply to Gitte2001’s now less than secret ‘secret’ – and in doing so revealed more than she realised:

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 9

Notice that Titosims has just said exactly the same crap that the anonymous posters did? The tried-to-tell-you-nicely-but-you-just-don’t-get-it-because-you’re-not-as-clever-and-broadminded-as-me routine for one. The patronising tone for two… ‘Accept responsibility for your actions, apologise and learn from the situation. It doesn’t have to be a bad outcome.’ – go and take a running f**k to yourself you snivelling piece of shit!

And before anyone thinks we’re being harsh, you may want to know what Titosims was posing on her own Dumblr that made it pretty clear she was wanting to stir up trouble:

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 11

‘I cannot understand how anyone, who doesn’t have an actual problem with race, can get offended, by the mentioning of anything regarding the issues people of color have to face and what they have to endure.’

So if you disagree with Titosims, you’re a racist then?

This was the point we decided enough was enough and stepped in:

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 12

And that ought to have been that: certainly Gitte2001 went back to her game and the whole matter got no more attention from her.

Except that Titosims decided that she wasn’t going to have her fun spoiled and chose to post up the contents of her supposedly private conversation with Gitte2001 on Pastebin:

gitte2001 and titosims on sim secret 13

There’s little point in Titosims denying it: Gitte2001 was hardly likely to want the above out in public, and moreover the strange start to the piece with Gitte2001 speaking first even though Titosims had admitted she’d been the one that had got in touch with Gitte2001 – not the other way around – makes it clear that what was posted up (doubtless for other PC trolls consumption…) came from Titosims.

So what was this all about then, eh? Hoping to set up another little ‘secret’ for next week were we, Titosims? Hoping to prolong the tormenting of a fifteen year old girl further, eh?

You Titosims are one evil, vindictive piece of shit – and one that’s just been caught out big time!

thatsit  thatsit

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