Lucky25’s Zombie LOLocaust

So you’ve gone on holiday, and all of a sudden there’s an outbreak of zombies. No biggie, we’ve all played the umpteen shoot em’ ups based around that premise.

The question is what do you do?

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust

yewot  yewot

One thing for certain, posting for selfies with them is not recommended.

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 1

Could be you simply caught them out and about during International Talk Like A Pirate Day (or night!), LaBlue0314.

CravenLestat of course went for the Zombie Lust Vixens Of California option…

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 2

Pity for him his zombie looked more like a Granny Eater than a Brain Eater…

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 3

Is that Reesaroo or what?

wiggle tongue  ehwhat mare's nest version

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 4

Weren’t we all, Lucky25, weren’t we all!

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 5

It would be pretty easy though to be a zombie at uni, Movotti? You ever saw what most students are like first thing in the morning if they’ve been cramming all night? Come to think of it, most would think they had just decided to become goths (‘oh wow man, so retro man!’).

Jessa_Dakkar appears however to have discovered the ultimate horror in Sims 3:

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 6

Zombie mime artists – twice the crapness in one!

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 7

Yes, AudreyFid, for once Ozzy Osbourne is right when he’s singing ‘I’m going through changes…’

rimshot  tomato

As for 5782341b77vl…

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 8

Are you sure your avatar Simmie is not simply having a Liz Lemon from ’30 Rock’ moment?

lucky25's zombie LOLocaust 9

Like… every single goddamn episode?

ehwhat mare's nest version  ehwhat mare's nest version

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