Dominator? Terminator ? (Muffinator?)

No one could ever accuse CravenLestat of hiding his light under a bushel when it comes to women, but we think even he went too far by wanting to add the original Granny Eater (demo version) to his game:

dominator muffinator terminator

Oh come on, folks! The Baroness: spoilt brat from a filthy rich family who fancies herself as a baddie with a penchant for nerd dominatrix outfits? If ever there was a Jazzhander she was it!

(At least he didn’t include a whip with her outfit…)

That said, at first we thought Ava The Muffinator was making a comeback, unless she’s still looking for that eye of hers rolling around the floor (old joke).

Elsewhere, PalmArrow’s Simmie Augusta holds a terrifying secret – her Plumbot is really a Terminator!

dominator muffinator terminator1

smiley-runaway1  smiley-shocked032

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