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cloverstardropper at the end of may 3

What? American kids getting maths final tests on stuff they never did in class? Nice to see you’re catching up with the British way of doing things at last!

ehwhat mare's nest version  rant

She has however found the perfect drink to get her through those exams: maximising brain power and stamina: forget Red Bull, this is the energy drink the kids say it’s at:

switch finds radioactive sprite

Radioactive Sprite.

yewot  thumb

With Switch’s time at school drawing to a close, The Supreme Crabbiness was wondering what yearbook quote they would choose to be their epitaph:

switch's senior quote

That makes utterly no sense.

cloverstardropper at the end of may

So here’s a budgie with a cotton bud on its head.

We blame it on her local environment:

switch's spooky screen 3

What makes perfect sense is the answer to the following:

cloverstardropper at the end of may 1

According to Haily Farber, what people enjoy about almonds and almond products is the way it masks the taste of cyanide when you’re poisoning the f**kers.

thumb  thumb

cloverstardropper at the end of may 2

We hereby grant the right for you to murder the person who came out with that joke.

switch's spooky screen 2

We’d be freaked out by someone called Mr Meaty coming on to us late at night too!

smiley-shocked032  smiley-shocked032

Now for something a little more disturbing.

switch's spooky screen

It’s probably nothing to worry about:

That said, we wouldn’t fancy any psychotic supernatural being’s chances when Switch is now packing some pretty formidable hand weaponry…

switch's spooky nails

Switch now spends her weekends slashing f**k out of 80s slasher horror characters and playing a mean armónico down at the Buena Vista Social Club every third Friday.

switch's spooky nails 1

Oh, and drawing. No, we can’t fathom how anyone can manage it either with those talons!

Now for something even weirder:

cloverstardropper at the end of may 4

You’ve heard of the Comfy Chair. Well that’s the Soggy Chair.

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