Regarding That Matter With Gitte2001 And Vidkid20…

Okay, since this is a week for clearing the backlog, let’s respond to the response – or rather lack of it – to our post about Gitte2001 being the new punchbag for the Generation Snowflake wankers on Dumblr playing the race card like it was Celebrity Texas Hold ‘Em with David Duke, Donald Trump, Louis Farrakan, Will Quigg, Nick Griffin and the Rev. Al Sharpton?

Only one token hasbeen celebrity racist from Britain we’re afraid – we are remarkably bad in this country in producing the dime demagogues pandering to people’s worst reflexes that America churns out with depressing frequency.

And no one from UKIP either: that wannabe Monday Club of extras in The Walking Dead are nothing more than the political wing of the Campaign For Real Ale.

To be honest we were very pleased with the way matters worked out: far better than expected considering this involved Sim Secret and Dimblrs (as toxic a cocktail as you’ll ever mix!). Done, dusted, dead, and everyone back to Simming fun instead. Large sighs of relief all round.

There was however one particular dissenting voice close to home:

that matter with Gitte2001

Here we go…

that matter with Gitte2001 1

Erm, because Eliavah was jumping on the Dumblr Likes Matter, er we mean Simblr Black Lives Matter Rally bumnuggetry? We thought it was pretty obvious what had pissed us off.

that matter with Gitte2001 2

Okay, we’ll admit we realised we’d called that one wrong shortly after posting – the reality proved as we found out after our post was far, far worse, but more on that later.

The bottom line at this juncture however is she was merely jumping on the bandwagon (and yes, this was the one that Gitte2001 has replied to which later would part kick off events at Sim Secret) – not an instigator. That’s one saving grace at any rate.

But no apologies for criticising her for getting involved with it in the first place – and for being yet another auto-play asshat which we’ve never made any secret of our detestation of.

It shows a lack of manners all too common nowadays where you are supposed to accept people and ‘how they roll’ in their entirity if you’re in ‘their space’: the drink that’s bought for you (and often tossed to you so you have no choice but to catch it…) without bothering to ask first if you would like one; the ‘hey check this!’ of Beyonce or whoever’s latest video shoved in your face blaring at full blast from a mobile (isn’t it ironic that the dumbness of these characters is directly proportional to the amount of time they spend on their smartphones?) without asking first if you want to see it knowing you’ll suffer it no matter what so not to make a ‘scene’; the normalisation of casual boorishness in every day life. And the irony is that it’s the sensitive Simmers of Generation Snowflake are often classic case worst offenders.

(Hence a reason we’ve never swallowed MadameLee’s ‘disabilities’ bullshit for getting in everyone’s face. There’s so many of Generation Snowflake playing that line to excuse their brattiness it’s old)

But we digress.

that matter with Gitte2001 3

‘Now for Gitte who you seem to love all the sudden.’

smiley-shocked032 smiley-shocked032

What? Why? Because we were publicly pissed last year about her bumping her ‘Good CC-Sites – Ultimate List’ on the EA forum Sims 3 section and getting just a touch ‘precious’ about it into the bargain ?

Jeez, just because we don’t like someone’s particular actions, or even at times their moments of outright bumnuggetry doesn’t mean that’s it, we don’t like them full stop or even don’t like them anymore!

And frankly, after seven years of us being in your orbit we’re flabberghasted at having to explain that.

As for ‘let’s not act like Gitte doesn’t ask for some of this’what the actual fuck? Viddie? Seriously?

that matter with Gitte2001 4

If other Dumblrs have the self-defined right to drone on about whatever non-Simming hobby horse they please to the Dimblrsphere, and to comment on others public hobby horses directly or indirectly if they agree or if it pisses them off, in that respect Gitte2001 has the same right: consider that, before you – or anyone else – starts saying she ‘asked for it’, partially or otherwise.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways – especially if you decide to go off-topic.

Yes, Gitte2001 could have counted to ten and ignored it. Just think what sort of Simming hobby you’d be in right now if we’d all just ignored all those other wannabe Queen Bees trying to increase the power of their hivemind: from the ultimately feeble attempts of Aarin (from which this blog was born…) to the far most sinister dealings of that throughly evil bastard Pescado this old Simming hobby of ours has suffered too many near misses to sit back. Sometimes you’ve just got to go with your instinct and step up to the plate.

But again, this whole affair between Gitte2001 and the Social Justice Warriors of Dimblr (do they have a sigil and motto we wonder?) has been Generation Snowflake in full battlecry, the bastard offspring of the Self-Esteem Movement born to the entitlement of their world view being sacrosanct and any views to the contrary being met with hysterical overreaction – and more to the point lynch mobbing.

that matter with Gitte2001 5

Firstly – as for encouraging her – what did Gitte2001 do or say thereafter about the whole ‘hair raising’ and other businesses since our contact directly with her and our post on the 4th June?

Nothing, zip, nada, the big null-points.

So, who were the ones that were successful in putting a peaceful stop to her so-called ‘harassing’ of others soap-boxing in the Simblrsphere? The clown car collective of Operation Special Snowflake on Dumblr, or us? Mmmm, spank our whipped cream coated thighs with Hershey Bars and call us Cherry Cheesecake if it don’t just look y’all like it was us yet again.

It comes with experience – not ideology.

For a bonus, those bastards got themselves a big slice of STFU cake too as well judging by the tumbleweed on Sim Secret and elsewhere the next week. They’d been hung out to dry trying to find a scapegoat to beat their self righteous wrath with just to show they could with impunity and as a warning to anyone that dared stand up to them: no real surprise we suppose that the scum in question was some Kraut trying to do it to a Sprout – some Germans never seem to quite outgrown their forefathers’ favourite bloodsport of bullying Belgians every chance they get.

(We were sorely tempted at the time to pass remark on the irony of a German like Titosims presuming to give a Belgian like Gitte2001 a lecture complete with ghoulish photographs on ‘her [Gitte2001] nation’s genocide’, but decided we’d said enough).

Oh, they were tempted to say something though – in fact bang on the same day Vidkid20 decided to have a pop at us, 6th June, as our referrals report showed:

that matter with Gitte2001 16

Titosims wasn’t the only one making drafts – one of the other major villains of the piece, Ebonix, had been doing likewise a few days later.

that matter with Gitte2001 17

In the end however, it appears they realised that picking a fight with us was going to work out about as badly for them as had they attacked Murfeel earlier in the year – certainly a lot worse than mob hazing some crazy mixed up fifteen year old – and decided that discretion was the better part of online thuggery.

(Murfeel? Mighty Destroyer of Mod Package Folders? Bringer Of Pain to Quad-Core processes from ‘just this one last download from The Faery’s Gifts that I’ve always needed, really…’. Yes, that Murfeel. We’ll come to her in a minute, bear with us…)

Job done, say us. Yet we’re the bad guys in all this? Pfffft!

Here’s the Gitte2001 posts in the above screenshot which Vidkid20 was referring to from last October on the EA forum:

that matter with Gitte2001 6

that matter with Gitte2001 7

Not very edifying – and such brattiness is one of the reasons we stopped posting anything about Gitte2001 at that time (plus a suspicion she was getting mixed up with the thankfully soon to be gone forever Skyscraperfan1 and his sock puppets…), even when she was coming out with duvet stuffers of the sort we like such as this:

that matter with Gitte2001 8

Our loss (and our readers) for being so pig-headed at the time, but we digress.

But what Gitte2001 was speaking about on this particular occasion – many, many months later – same as with the Berry Sweet business months earlier – were, if we may be so bold, over matters far more concerning – indeed, sinister – than the petty squabbles of the EA forum: people deliberately trying to silence, isolate and encourage the persecution of those daring to not think as they did – in particular trying to port the vicious behaviour of San Francisco State University student and failed WordPress blogger Bonita Tindale (clearly having the time of her life being a little shit) to student Cory Goldstein in March this year into our online Simming world.

And that is why the business with ‘dreads on non-black Simmies’ was such a cause for alarm and rancour:  and not merely with Gitte2001…

‘So we learn from history generations have to fight – and those who crave for mastery must be faced down on sight!’

[The Men They Couldn’t Hang: ‘The Ghosts Of Cable Street’]

that matter with Gitte2001 10

Taken from minervamagicka’s Simblr because unfortunately Murfeel’s own was barely readable in the first part with that background she’s using – sorry!

Twice in the space of six months Murfeel has really let rip on this matter? Where has been the targetted reprisals and character assassinations towards her? Dare we suggest because smears and witchhunts against a highly respected massive custom content creator might prove a target that would have resulted in a massive chunk of the Simming community kicking these sorry sacks of shit into touch?

The Great Simming Hair Racial Purity pogrom having failed (for which Murfeel can take some well earned credit with her fine turn of phrase above…), the Dimblr Generation Snowflake clown car collective now decided to suddenly remount last year’s dead donkey and – wait for it! – organising a Black Lives Matter ‘rally’ for 1st June. This was the matter  ‘far, far worse’ we mentioned earlier.

that matter with Gitte2001 11

Ever get a feeling some people out there were simply changing tack just to keep the aggro going? After the last bonkers almost eight months in the Simblr world from Generation Snowflake, who could blame anyone for thinking so?

(We were sorry, incidentally to see Murfeel getting mixed up with this one – unless of course this was her diplomatically trying to keep the peace in the hope this would be an end to it, in which case fair enough.)

that matter with Gitte2001 12

And oh! There ‘just happened’ to be some custom content to go with it! Fancy that!

Hey kids, are you a run-of-the-mill custom content creator not getting the likes and downloads you ‘deserve’ because you’re so awesome, like, and stuffs? Well there’s nothing like exploiting a controversial issue for some cheap drama hits to get attention and hopefully pick up a few extra fans in the process – any publicity’s good publicity, right?

that matter with Gitte2001 13

FFS, the one on the left looks like they’re hailing a cab and the one on the right looks like they’re arsing up doing The Safety Dance!

that matter with Gitte2001 15

This was a cheap stunt already tried back in December 2015 by that latter Dumblr, Ebonix, looking for hi-fives by playing the race card:

that matter with Gitte2001 14

Suffice to say they were all over this one like a rash.

Let’s cut the crap – this was nothing to do with ‘raising awareness’ for anyone or anything but themselves.

Posting a bunch of half-arsed poses with quarter-arsed custom content in Tumblr is not going to make a single black life matter any more than it did yesterday, or improve anyone’s lot in life, or educate anyone, etc, etc, etc.

You know it, we know it – and they certainly knew it.

If these people cared… really cared about the issues they’re oh-so-concerned about … they wouldn’t be wasting time sitting on their spotty arses playing the Sims series at home: they’d be doing something more proactive in the real world. This was nothing more than Generation Snowflake having another online pseudo-intellectual circle jerk – with added screenies – before waddling up from their parents’ basements to watch this week’s Game Of Thrones episode and the soaps.

They’re part of the very problem they profess to be so against: but our guess is they don’t really care anyway. In some case (by no means all…), it’s about something else entirely: what Murfeel earlier called ‘offensive, downright scary and evil.’

‘It is called indoctrination and it happens on all levels
But it has nothing to do with equality, it has nothing to do with democracy
And though it professes to, it has nothing to do with humanity
It is cold, hard and mechanical.’

[The Jam: ‘Set The House Ablaze’]

And finally, back to Vid:

that matter with Gitte2001 9

You don’t like what we said?


You’ve got your opinion.

And we’ve got ours.

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