Ifcasims Casts A Magic Spell Using Murfeel’s Hair Of The Witcher

Back on the subject of Murfeel, she’s been busy over at The Faery’s Gifts with her routine production of umpteen pieces of custom content largely inspired from the other games she’s playing – which means currently you can expect her muse to be The Witcher series.

murfeel's keira metz custom content

Although her mighty efforts to recreate the Sandy Shaw of the Witcher series – Keira Metz – has not been without having to keep abreast of problems when using other custom content…

murfeel's keira metz custom content 1

Be honest though, Murfeel, considering her reputation of bonking everyone and everything to death, would a Keira Metz Simmie really object to the occasional wardrobe malfunction?

wiggle tongue  yewot

And before anyone accuses us of besmirching a well loved video game character, straight from the horse’s mouth – or rather the Witcher’s own Wikia:

murfeel's keira metz custom content 3

Keira has a ‘happy ending’ with a new male friend. We rest our case.

ehwhat mare's nest version smiley-shocked032

We can already hear Bookygirl, CravenLestat and Sharkloverplayer wanting Murfeel to compile a full list of the skins affected so such a mishap will however never, ever befall their games… no, sirree…

evilgrin  evilgrin

murfeel's keira metz custom content 2

Could be worse, could be wandering the land in Erdem boho dresses – that’s just soooo last summer, darlings…

murfeel's keira metz custom content 4

However, Murfeel’s not one to hide another’s light under the bushel, in this case Ifcasims retweek of her Keira Metz hair:

murfeel's keira metz custom content 5

Murfeel’s verdict?

murfeel's keira metz custom content 6

And she should know better than any of us.

bravo  bravo


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