NikkiKaur15’s Problems With Columns Almost Has Gitte2001, Jessa_Dakkar and Igazor Hitting The Roof (Or The Nectar…)

There’s nothing quite like repeats on the TV, and now the EA forum’s had its own version of the Slappy Squirrel at Woodstock moment. Or ‘The Two Ronnies’ Fork Handles-Four Candles sketches. Whatever.

Here’s the story:

Nikkikaur15 was looking for information on increasing the number of columns in Sims 3. Trouble was, she wasn’t exactly the best at elaborating as to what she wanted (part of it in textspeak at that) – and of all the Simmers that had decided to try and help, it was Gitte2001 the one whose grasp of English was better than her patience…

some problems with columns

scratchhead  dizzy

Before matters in textspeak got any worse, Simasaurus09 proved to be the thread’s Zilly to NikkiKaur15’s Klunk, although it still wasn’t enough to stop Jessa_Dakkar getting equally confused considering there already is at least three columns for CAS in the Sims 3 base game anyway!

some problems with columns 1

The mod in question was one over in Mod The Sims by Weerbesu for CAS that is used for the Glitterturd:

some problems with columns 2

If it’s any crumb of comfort to Gitte2001 and Jessa_Dakkar, what chance had they when even Igazor – who has mastered the art of transliterating total bollocks in a variety of local dialects as part of his duties for NRaas Industries – thought that the whole discussion had something to do with building rather than CAS (as did DonnaBailey)!

some problems with columns 3

Still, you all managed to keep MadIris and us amused, so time well spent in our view!

wiggle tongue  smiley-lol

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