The Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy Werewolves

katnip's bizarre fairy werewolves

yewot  yewot

Fairies with werewolf abilities?

Suppose it’s a little less silly than Skyrim with its werewolves with fairy abilities, or is that vampire bat werewolves?

katnip's bizarre fairy werewolves 1

Although you may want to disagree when you see from Greencats’ game exactly what they look like:

katnip's bizarre fairy werewolves 2

thOMG  thOMG

Okay, seriously GabbyGirlJ and KatNip, just what the plumbobs do you find remotely adorable about those sharp fanged flying fiends?

As for what to call them, SimKeats and Karritz…

katnip's bizarre fairy werewolves 3

… winged piranhas in our view! Or is that what you get when you cross-breed the above with a Mermaid?

Of course, what you all want to do now is train them to do ballet – so you can have sugar plum fairy werewolves.

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

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