Ah Yes, THAT Bit Of British News…

‘Its clothes are a dirty shade of blue
And his ancient shoes worn through
He steals from me and he lies to you…’

At 3.48am this morning, a source within the British government was quoted on the BBC saying ‘Oh fuck, this wasn’t meant to happen.’

Britain has voted to leave the European Union, the former Common Market, which it had to fight French hostility to get into in the first place, in 1973.

The cherry on the top is getting rid of our upper class Prime Minister David Cameron – who resigned before he was fired – whose crowning achievement has been more people being reliant on Food Banks – a relic of the pre-Welfare State era – than ever before.

The worst part of this result has been the crybaby screams of impotent rage from Generation Snowflake. Analysis is of course only starting, but the early reports are amongst the 18-24 age group – the age group of the Jazz-Hands half of The Mare’s Nest operation – only 36% of those that had even bothered to register to vote (and the government kindly extended the registration deadline until almost the last minute to do so) then bothered in turn to vote (even if it was only to spoil their ballot paper) on what was apart from London one of the hottest days of the year so far for most of the country.

Yet they’re the ones now squealing like stuck pigs because ‘it’s sooo unfair, maaaaan! My smartphone’s gonna cost a fortune to use in Yooorope on holidays now, maaaaan! ‘ Tough shit, kiddies – you snooze, you lose.

(Meanwhile within the 25-34 age group, 53% of registered voters voted, and for 35 years of age upwards it was from 72-85% voted).

What went wrong? It’s more been a case of a series of events all coming to a head at once.

The European Union formed in 1992 from the old Common Market (European Economic Community) was meant to be a vehicle for the benefit of all, and in particular for Small to Medium Enterprises. Instead, it was subverted (and Britain was in part to blame at the behest of American vested interests…) into a vehicle by which multinational corporations were able to force through legislation for their benefit at the expense of those local industries the EU was supposed to protect.

Worst of all, the entry of the old Warsaw Pact countries in the last decade became the means by which the meagre wages and conditions for millions throughout the EU – especially Britain – were further eroded by artificially increasing the competition for employment and housing.

In particular from Poland. The ‘official’ figure is eight hundred thousand, but the Polish TV station TVN 24 in 2014 said the figure was in fact well over a million, a mere ten years after joining the EU. To add insult to injury, Poland gets a net amount from the EU annually of over €10 million – the same amount Britain overall pays in – and that money was supposed to be for Poland to create jobs so their citizens weren’t going to other nations. What has been happening to this money? You can well guess. Corruption within the former Communist bloc isn’t so much part of the system – it is the system.

And if you dared to cry foul over it, you were derided as a ‘racist’ by an unholy alliance of liberal-humanist snobs of Britain’s pseudo-intelligentia and the already obscene ultra-rich, both of whom got to enjoy cheaper shopping at Waitrose and cheaper domestic staff from those they barfed ‘enriched out culture’ (‘those wonderful Polish child minders are soooo cheap to hire darling…’). Let’s be clear about this, the arrival of mass Eastern European immigration has not brought with it the sort of cultural revolution that came to Britain from the Indian subcontinent or the Caribbean in the 1960s and 70s – it has purely been one of cheap, exploitable labour.

The most absurd argument of all justifying this unjustifiable situation was ‘well you’re perfectly welcome to go and live and work in their countries as well you know!’ But who the plumbobs would want to move to Poland or Rumania where there were no bloody jobs – the reason they were over here in the first place! It’s not rocket science. People used to pour over from Ireland to the British mainland for much the same reason for decades until the likes of Microsoft started the whole ‘Celtic Tiger’ phenomena. The only ones pouring in the opposite direction were tax exiles like Sting and Frederick Forsyth, or members of the band The Waterboys when pretending to be Irish was ‘kewl’ amongst the hipsters.

But yes, there’s also been the part the Guardian reading urban-hipsters and suburban bleedhearts love pointing to as being the real cause of malcontent from the ‘racist’ lower orders, daring to defy their betters with opinions of their own rather than what they were told to think was good for them. There’s also been that ‘refugee’ crisis from the Middle East and Africa. Or ‘economic migrants’, depending on your viewpoint.

That the vast majority of the ‘refugees’ are all young fit males has done little to earn them any sympathy. The fact that young fit males are the very ones with even more reason to flee these warzones than women and children doesn’t appear to have dawned on either side of the argument. Find yourself in the middle of a civil war, and you’ll swiftly find government armies or warlord militias – whoops, we meant ‘freedom fighters’ – giving you an offer you cannot refuse (ie. ‘fight/work for us or be shot dead – and all your family as well!’).

There is, as they say, two sides to every story – who is telling the truth is a verdict that is yours.

But we digress.

The bottom line is an awful lot of voters, seeing our entire Welfare State falling apart at the seams from decades of funding starvation and privatisation by the backdoor, felt we need more people in Britain like we need a hole in the head, no matter what the reason. And the argument about needing more young people with an ageing population rings hollow when so many of those over retirement age need part time or even full time jobs to make ends meet.

(There’s also the small matter that even the biggest ignoramus of world affairs has figured out for themselves that maybe if we weren’t proactively causing ‘regime changes’ all over the place, then maybe – just maybe – there wouldn’t be so many refugees in the first place. Matters aren’t quite so concise of course, but it’s an argument hard to refute).

This is all to oversimplify the case of what went wrong, but the EU saying during the campaign that we would have to take in an extra tens of thousands – on top of the unrestricted numbers of Eastern Europeans coming into the UK daily because their own nation’s economies are up shit creek sans paddle – was asking for trouble. But to simplify matters as Brexit being a vote against immigrants is both childish and dangerous.

Really, when in May this year Wales elected seven members of the anti-EU UK Independence Party (UKIP) to its Senedd (regional assembly) to become the fourth biggest party when up until then they couldn’t even get a town councillor elected in Wales, alarm bells ought to have started ringing. Wales has no sizeable immigration from anywhere.

What happened there was to be repeated in the North East of England last night in voting levels that have not been seen in decades. Areas notorious for low turnouts all of a sudden came out in droves. All voting for Britain to leave the EU.

And both the North East and Wales are areas of grinding poverty that traditionally vote all the time for the Labour Party: the one time party of the working class, of socialism, until they sold every principle they had under Tony Blair in the 1990s out of desperation to get back into power, and have been little more than a Conservative Party clone ever since; kowtowing to big business whilst telling their beleaguered supporters in the crumbling slums of England’s north and Wales they have to keep supporting them because they’d no choice if they wanted to keep the Tories out.

Even after some indulged in a flirtation with the racist British National Party in protest – the only time any far-right party has achieved political representation in the UK – still Labour never learned the lesson that they took their lower class supporters for granted at their peril. The European Union has brought them no prosperity as it has London – only destroyed fishing fleets and further deindustrialisation as European competitors bought out and relocated jobs to the continent.

Is it any wonder, therefore, they voted out of an organisation that has brought no tangible benefit to them? Never mind the far-right, the powers that be ought to be thankful that Britain’s equally vicious far-left are so hopelessly divided over the purity of their Heinz 57 varieties of socialist, Trotskyite and Marxist dogma to be in any sort of position to take advantage of the millions of malcontents in the north and Wales.

(Scotland, meanwhile had an alternative to Labour of their own – the Scottish National Party – who in the blink of an eye are now in such complete control that independence isn’t so much a case of ‘if’ it happens as ‘when’).

Moreover, the powers that be seemed to be little interested in telling them just what those benefits of the EU were to them – only what the benefits were to themselves. Telling people in northern sink estates that it means, for example, that their child will be able to go to universities in Europe means damn all when part-time studying at the local college whilst working every spare hour available to keep a roof over your family’s head is all you can realistically aspire to – unless you start selling narcotics. In which case, academia is of no use to you at all.

General De Gaulle had said the British made for bad Europeans. History proved him right. But this wasn’t just a rejection of the European Union. It was a very loud warning shot at the British Parliament at Westminster that millions of people have had enough of a country run for the benefit of a rich or well connected few at the expense and suffering of the vast majority. Next time they may not bother with the ballot box to make their anger felt at our ‘betters’ hubris.

All in all it’s dreadfully sad that it has come to this. The European Union is a beautiful and noble idea that should have been beyond all reproach. But the only real surprise is that Brexit took so long.

The question now is how long that other Union we’ve been a part of is going to last?

torn european union flag 1

‘Evening has fallen
The swans are singing
The last of Sunday’s bells is ringing
The wind in the trees is sighing
And old England is dying…’

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