Nilxis’ Got His Head In The Clouds – And What Wonderful Clouds!

Most of you know Nilxis as the creator of some of the most incredible Sims 3 worlds this side of Rflong7/13, such as Ziwa Bonde which so beautifully portrays Africa in the raw; Saaqartoq likewise for a realistic take on a Greenlandic settlement; the tropical paradise of Suvadiva for playing in or as a holiday resort; the forever autumnal little island of Hylewood; the lonely Midnight Sun challenge styled island of Sa Pineda; and a tonne more besides.

Really, he is one of those essential Sims 3 world creators who can turn your game around if you find yourself in a rut. But we digress.

nilxis' wonderful clouds

He’s been pretty quiet of late, mainly due to all his efforts going towards what he’s hoping to be his magnus opus, the land of Uranesia. But he’s taken time away to produce a little something to make your games look that little bit more special.

nilxis' wonderful clouds 1

drooling-emoticon drooling-emoticon

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