♫ One Euro Champs And Three Cod Wars, Doo-Dah, Doo-Dah! ♪ (Well Done Iceland)

one european championship and three cod wars doo dah doo dah

Ah, come on – that was funny! Wait forever for a Brexit, and then you get three in four days.

slaplol  wiggle tongue

If you’re also honest, it was also richly deserved.

We’ll admit to not giving two stuffs about the whole thing, but we’ve a soft spot for any small nation managing to get into a major sporting championship, the more unlikely the better – whether it’s a Jamaican bobsleigh team or an Icelandic soccer one.

(For those of you wondering, Iceland’s population is less than that of the cities of Leicester or Tampa, and have been taking on nations with populations in the tens of millions. Impressed? You should be!)

Okay, we’ll admit there’s another reason. You’ve got to love a country whose fans sounds like they’re all doing Thu’ums from Skyrim.

th_sillysqueeze  th_sillysqueeze

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