KayzaPlayr’s Supergrass Moment (‘I Should Coco!’)

Now there’s a name from the past.

Ah, come on, you all remember one of the original Oz members of the old EA forum.

keyzaplayr says i should coco

In the part below ‘And then this happened,’ her Simmie Reyto took all his clothes off and began rubbing himself in baby oil with a twinkle in his eye… actually he didn’t but we bet half of you didn’t make it this far before goggling furiously for that post searching for the revealing pics in vain. Ain’t we stinkers?

You should at least remember her avatar!

(Strange to think that’s only out of date by one Doctor…)

You’ll be glad to know her Reyto obsession hasn’t died down these last seven years!

keyzaplayr says i should coco 1

Although she deliberately spoiled it for Blazerntq to save her from a similar fate:

keyzaplayr says i should coco 2

We’ve no idea what’s worse, his saggy moobs or that 70s porn star hairdo!

smiley-shocked032  puke

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