So Be It

Some days ago, we made a post in good faith, taking the rip out of the absurd lengths to which some will seek offence in the innocent – especially amongst the social justice trolls doing their best to f**k up the Simming community. We threw in some of their most hysteria driven stock in trade clichés for good measure.

Best of all, it concerned a post in the heart of that self-congratulatory politically correct section of the Simming community that loves to sneer at the rest (especially the denizens of the EA forum) for not being as ethical in hivemind as themselves – although quite happy to stretch their ethics to turning a blind eye towards Simming ‘icons’ with unhealthy interests towards children and in certain cases modders with downright illegal interests with animals judging by the mods they’re creating…

All standard fare, and nothing really that different to a hundred other parody faux-outrage posts of the past.

Guess what? Some people took offence.

It would have been funny, had it not been a little too studied, somewhat too over dramatised, and a lot too much like looking to be offended. Especially considering one person decided somehow to interpret it as a dig at them when nothing of the sort was intended or even remotely implied.

Let’s get something straight…

… whoops, are we allowed to say ‘straight’ in this context without being accused of being homophobic next?

Probably not, but never mind.

Let’s get something straight. We pulled up JKTee511 over his playing of the race card back in 2010 (which incidentally he only started doing after falling out with the very person all but calling us racist now). In 2014 we did our bit to help the Dragon Cave and Flight Rising communities get the warning out about one Earth Mama/Earthgirl who was posting hate speech about gypsies – literally saying that they should be burned to death (she has since slithered back into the Simming one, or tried to…). And so on and so on.

We have to prove the sum total of f**k all to the Simming community (or anyone else) that we despite all racism as the last refuge of a scumbag, and anyone that casually accuses us of ‘racism’ or being ‘racist’ for emotive effect (and an extremely elastic interpretation of the terms…) can expect a well earned punch in the mouth when one of us catches up with them.

For most of this week, both of us have been wondering what the plumbobs had happened. The concepts of ‘parody’ haven’t quite been fully grasped in some parts of the first world? Either that or because their new ‘besties’ don’t like us, they’re trying to engineer a scenario where they can oh-so-dramatically disown us before spending the next six months denying thrice before cockcrow having ever liked us in the first place.

(After seven years of watching these bullshit routines unfold from the latest batch of I’m-a-precious-little-snowflake teenrats that seldom last more than eighteen months before dissipating into the void, it gets old)

What’s the explanation? Frankly we’re past caring. We let it lie last time – for all the good that did.

So be it.

As far as we’re concerned Vidkid20 can go and do or say whatever the hell she likes from now on, because we’ve both washed our hands of her for good.

Happy now everyone?

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