Hillybeth Starts The Crunch Topic On Sims 3 (And Gets Toasted By Gitte2001)

Poor Hillybeth, what a can of worms you opened – or perhaps a jar of marmalade or jam for reasons that will become clear…

the crunch topic on sims 3

Whilst King_of_SimCity7’s suggestion at least showed sympathy, Gitte2001 decided to do an impression of British Rail Customer Services…

the crunch topic on sims 3 1

Well, technically you can play Sims 3 on a toaster…

the crunch topic on sims 3 3

Released in limited edition by EA Deutschland, before you ask.

And it’s still more fun to play with and satisfying that Sims 4 will ever be!

Crispy bread capers aside, Phoebebebe13’s technical expertise meanwhile was being called into question by CravenLestat:

the crunch topic on sims 3 2

slaplol  yewot

Further forum veterans came to the battle for the rights of all Simmers to Sim, with IreneSwift and the welcome return of Simmerville (seems like ages since she’s been around! Yes, we know she’s got her blog, but all the same…)

the crunch topic on sims 3 4

Karritz proved to be both lengthy and thorough:

the crunch topic on sims 3 5

Whereas the ubiquitous JoAnne65 and the even more ubiquitous Igazor of NRaas Industries gently pointed out to Pepperjax1230 and the rest that some problems with Sims 3 are of the elephant in the room variety…

the crunch topic on sims 3 6

At the end of the day, a computer is merely a tool, and it can only work as well as you treat it well.

sunshine  sunshine

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