MadameLee’s Having A Flakey Time Of It (So What Else Is New?!)

An awful lot of our past MadameLee posts have taken a bit of a walloping overnight, which had us sighing with sad smiles and headshakes of wonderment at what she could have been getting up now to justify the renewed attention of the Simming masses.

Certainly she was playing a dangerous game back in June time, when she started up the whole disabilities showboating again ending in a certain Simguru we’ve all grown to know and loathe closing and scrubbing threads as is their wont.

beware madamelee or you will be next

Word to the not-so-wise, Crazy Anne – for once in your EA forum life, take a telling and rein it in. There’s new bumnuggets in charge and two of them are right little power tripping arsebuckets getting their rocks off on banning people if they dare utter an un-Simguru or un-EA thought.

beware madamelee or you will be next 1

If the likes of World Explorer Dark Mirage can get the permaboot for daring to make one criticism too many of Sims 4 (he’s certainly been consistent in his criticism from the start) and of the increased nastiness to the EA forum over the last twelve months, they’ll have no qualms in sending you for an over the bar conversion any time soon if you keep pushing your luck.

beware madamelee or you will be next 2

Thankfully, even those hypersensitive morons in charge of the EA forum nowadays didn’t censor Writin_Reg for this.

(And as ever, they chose to do so to DarkMirage during a very dark time in his life. As you all know, we’d little time for the grumpy sod and he’d no time for us, but seriously Simgurus, this f**ker put new worlds up for download for years, and this is how you now repay him?)

But we digress.

Elsewhere MadameLee’s been having a flake problem – which doesn’t mean she’s been pretending to give a crumbly chocolate bar a blowjob, although it would certainly liven up the storytelling section of the forum somewhat.

beware madamelee or you will be next 3

Nope – MadameLee’s current woes have been another ailment apparantly, and she’s imagining everything right up to diabetes being the cause (it could be a mild touch of psoriasis, which comes and goes as it pleases – either than or get that washing machine off the bloody eco-spin mode that’s the cause of more unrinsed soap-powder induced short term cases of skin complaints than anything else!).

You don’t have a shower on Mondays usually? Eugh! Shower once a day, you mucky mog – unless you’ve an eye to becoming the next wife of world famous soap dodger Bob Geldof!

For this, she got CathyTea and sympathy – which is more than can be said she got from her mum!

beware madamelee or you will be next 4

facepalmhy2    shakehead

Bloody hell, anyone else reading this and instantly thinking of Phillip Larkin’s ‘This Be The Verse’?

It’s at times like this we can actually almost feel sorry for her again…

(Oh don’t worry folks, she’ll do something shortly to spoil it for herself – sure as eggs are eggs…)

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