Deshong04 Warns That Size Does Matter

Following on from the following post a few days back, former SiManiac Deshong04 gave the following cautionary note to those wondering why their rig isn’t powerful enough to run their Sims 3 any longer may only be giving their set up a superficial glance:

Deshong04 Warns That Size Does Matter

Yes, yes, oh yes – especially the part about the motherboard, the spine of every computer. Doesn’t matter if everything else is top of the range, a bad or dated motherboard will fail to do justice to whatever processors, graphic cards or memory you have installed.

But keeping custom content below two gigs? What sort of sick weirdo are you exactly? Bloody puritan!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

As the lesser spotted Annaptx (on her annual visit!) notes (backed by Jessa_Dakkar and Gitte2001), cleaning out your caches is also ultra-important for Sims 3 – ‘cos they ain’t gonna do it themselves:

Deshong04 Warns That Size Does Matter 1

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