IreneSwift’s Big Trouble In Little Shang Simla

Poor IreneSwift would have been close to lobbing her computer at the first passer by after this one!

ireneswift's big trouble in little shang simla

slaplol  rant

The strange part is that it’s not as if Hui Young Kim has any hot headed traits to justify what happened – although as a loner her mood will bomb if there’s too many people around the place, so that may have been the cause.

ireneswift's big trouble in little shang simla 1

As CravenLestat says, roll a merchant with crappy traits – especially ones that clash with your Simmie’s – and you are more royally screwed than Prince Harry’s latest Girlfriend Of The Week. Sometimes all you can do is let time take it’s course and head back for a new merchant.

(Either than or start using NRaas Master Controller to annihilate the bumnuggets right out of your game altogether!)

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