Thoughts, Prayers And Burnt Offerings Of Virgin Policemen In Giant Wicker Men For Writin_Reg And Rflong7/13 Please

Jeez – any of you think you’re having a bad time?

Get a load of this!

rflong713 and writin reg's real estate woes

‘On the house hunt – I swear I am going to change realtors if ours does not stop either giving us rentals for vacationers or houses that look like something out of a haunted house catalog. Saw 2 houses this week…’

Bonus points to Writin_Reg for the twin meaning with Saw 2 houses… she saw two houses, and they could have been used in the second of the series of well known horror movies. Well quipped there!

slaplol  thumb

Why have they done so where they’ve had nothing but hassle. It all comes down to Zhivan’s Moot, still frighteningly applicable six years later…

rflong713 and writin reg's real estate woes 1

We can see where Writin_Reg may be tempted into some gallows humour by events – she and Rflong7/13, two of the better known lot builders of the Simming community both finding themselves unable to secure their own lots of their dreams in real life. It makes them almost metaphors for why we love the Sims series so much (the only reality in which estate agents don’t have sharks fins on their backs…)

rflong713 and writin reg's real estate woes 2

‘Pete got us a new Realtor… This one HAS to be better. Of course that is coming from me – the same person who thought seriously we’d definitely have had toddlers and a map editor for Sims 4 by now. Not exactly batting a thousand.’

evilgrin  evilgrin

Look on the bright side, you’re a shoe-in now for any betting websites jobs for calculating odds for elections considering the stunning year they’ve had up until now. Oh, and the English soccer manager’s job! Erm, fancy being the Prime Minister of a smally rainy island once inhabited by Rflong7/13 as well, by the way? No, we don’t mean Lonely Island!

As for Rflong7/13’s house hunting – our advice is judging by what you’ve been offered so far, wearing shoes with rubber soles just to be on the safe side is in order lest this shocking state of affairs takes a literal turn…

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