Liegenschonheit’s Little Confession

Some of you out there have complained as to why we say Sim Secret is orientated to a tiny section of the Simming community (ie. the Garden of Shadows/More Awesome Than You/Mod The Sims orbit of wannabe hipsters and ‘kewl’ kids).

Well look no further than the following from a certain former Garden of Shadows owner last year all but admitted to being one of those who started it:

liegenschonheit's little secret

Why the plumbob would Plum confide in Liegen about a LiveJournal blog that was going to print yellow press about her members and cause all sorts of rancour – unless she was also involved.

Indeed, why has Garden Of Shadows been the only part of the Simming community with a dedicated Sim Secret discussion section since day one?

whistling mares nest version  whistling mares nest version

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