Taigoesrawr – Tai Goes Sod Sims4!

Another atones for their sinning against Simmingtaigoesrawr taigoessodsims

Wicked child! Only the strictest punishments for you are fitting for your apostacy against the One True Game.

On second thoughts, judging by that avatar of yours you’d probably be looking forward to it.

(What do you mean you want leather cuffs, wet celery, a flying helmet and an egg whisk?)

Thankfully 06Bob06 was there to help (with the Simming, not anything else!)

taigoesrawr taigoessodsims4 1

You knew that Twallan’s finest hour was going to crop in the conversation at the start, didn’t you?

taigoesrawr taigoessodsims4 2

As Treynutz eludes, what are the best EPs to download are very much a matter of personal preference, what you want your game to do for you (well, entertain obviously!).

taigoesrawr taigoessodsims4 3

Job done – well done all, another repentant Simmer has saw the light!

bravo bravo

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