Welcome Back MW1525 – Talk About A Comeback Post And A Half!

Veteran members will of course well remember MW1525 as someone who goes for quality posts rather than quantity, and made one of the best posts in the history of the old EA forum back in 2013.

We’d given her up for lost, but she’s reappeared on the EA forum today (after a brief sojourn back in April time), and made up for lost time with the following – if you ever thought your game had some drama in it, hers is a whole new ball game…

welcome back mw1525

slaplol  smiley-shocked032

From her Flickr page:

welcome back mw1525 1

She delighted JoAnne65 and the also returning lesser spotted Scrapdash:

welcome back mw1525 2

Take a tip kiddies, if you’re gonna make a comeback, do so with plenty of sauce and garnish!


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