With That Said, A Small Message To The Shameless Of Dumblr

So now we’ve made our feelings abundantly clear on certain matters, stop using a current popular emotive hashtash it as a crass way to bump up your run of the mill game screenies, your shitty custom content or your even shittier Dumblr stories that would be an insult to the intelligence of a National Enquirer reader.

Yes, we mean you Guttasims – doing a storyline where a black kid gets shot and you hashtag it with #black lives matter? You really are a shameless piece of work!

guttasims no shame at all

As is Amour-Val, playing the BLM hashtag to get notices on her roleplay…

amour-val no shame at all

And you Joyboxx88 – two screenies of some Sex In The City type bimbo diva on a shopping trip at some premier brand name store where the price tag is higher than their customers’ IQs has got the sum total of f**k all to do with ‘Black Lives Matter’, but hey, it’s all about the Dumblr hits, what?

joyboxx88 no shame at all

As for MegaSims4fan, we’ll make allowances for your choice of Simming game showing you’re not exactly the brightest bulb in the box, but again this had zero to do with the whole ‘Black Lives Matter’ bandwagon but that hasn’t stopped you jumping on board for a few cheap extra hits resultant, has it?

megasims4fan no shame at all

Any more of your feckless f**kers want to still insist that people aren’t using it as a crass way to attention whore?

The only ‘Simming of colour’ we want to read about is Berry Sweets. As we’ve made clear before regarding Sophie The Twitler Yoop, keep your bloody race cards out of our Simming community and go play with them somewhere else with your fellow oxygen thieves. It’s irrelevant, divisive, corrosive, and has no place here.

thatsit thatsit

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