Never Mind The Joker, BatmanFanGirl Meets Her Deadliest Foe In The Realtor!

You know those threads that start off with the silliest of premise and go rapidly downhill fast…

Batmanfangirl versus the realtors

We might have known that Igazor had a mod for that!

Batmanfangirl versus the realtors 1

Bonus points to CravenLestat for reposting one of the all time classic bad moments of a certain television series…

slaplol  yewot

And bless him if he hasn’t already made a little something for BatmanFanGirl:

Batmanfangirl versus the realtors 2

Will BatmanFanGirl make CravenLestat her little rocking robin?

Tune in next week to find out: same Mare’s time, same Mare’s channel!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

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