Sims 5 Already? Or Are Some Jumping The Gun Even More Than FriendlySimmers?

Anyone else notice there’s been a fair old bit of conjecture about this doing the rounds this week?

the sims 5 nonsense in july 2016

Either someone knows something the rest of us don’t, or you lot really are bored!

the sims 5 nonsense in july 2016 1

Christian Today reporting on the Sims series without mentioning blasphemy, gay sex or the occult? Shirley shome mistake! Unless they’ve decided to adopt the Father Jack line in future. If so, they’d be in good company…

the sims 5 nonsense in july 2016 2

The story appears to be that because EA have made a complete and utter arse (as per usual) of porting it to other platforms – in this case consoles – they’re looking to go straight to Sims 5 and we’ll be the poor saps next time around who will have to wait for it to be ported from console to PC/Mac as they make the drive to have a new game ready for the next generation of consoles due out.

We have to confess to being a touch cynical. For starters, this supposes that EA are remotely reactive, let alone pro-active – and history has shown they’ve not been that for decades. Whilst Bethesda and Nintendo are busily tarting up old classics for the next gens and not being remotely coy about it, EA as per usual simply has nothing to say, except rehashing old crap about ‘amusing’ meeting room names.

But anyway, it’s at least given those on the EA forum something new to pontificate over, such as James64468:

the sims 5 nonsense in july 2016 3

Here’s an idea, have it completely play tested and bug free… okay, we’ll be serious now!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

Anyway, it’s hard to be non-frivilous in a thread where the first reply came from FriendlySimmers…

the sims 5 nonsense in july 2016 4

… less than twenty four hours after their latest ‘I’m never posting here again, none of you deserve me!’ moment…

the sims 5 nonsense in july 2016 5

How many dramatic exits is that now? We’ve lost count!

scratchhead  dizzy

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