You’re Asking About Alienware, RodJohn And Igazor?

alienware we're all there

One of us has an Alienware laptop and swears by it – after vowing they would ‘never, ever buy such an overpriced expensive heap of crap’…

point   wiggle tongue

But they got the option to buy the latest model at that time for under half the price (three cheers for Zhivankarst’s the economy really isn’t there, yet, is it? and panicking computer equipment resellers desperate for cashflow at the end of the quarter!) so anxious were they to dump them off.

One self-upgrade of the RAM, an additional SSD, and a gritted teeth upgrade to Windows 10 from the preinstalled Windows 8.1 later, and you have a wonderful laptop that will do whatever you ask of it without crashing or sounding like the engine of a jumbo jet.

Of course, there were certain issues with Sims 3 running too dark, but that’s an easily resolved Windows 10 issue, rather than an Alienware one (several months and a lot of tears and swearing later…)

Best of all, it is a joy to type with – very handy when doing anything from letters to esseys.

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