Darstan64 And Karritz Discuss The Fairy Obvious, Whilst Nicky Snitcher Sends CravenLestat’s Heart Aflutter

T’is an oldie but a goodie worth restating regarding the less than clear instructions when it comes to Options in Sims 3:

discussing the fairy obvious

Karritz was on hand to help, with complimentary pervings from CravenLestat:

discussing the fairy obvious 1

For those of you needing further elaborate, here she is:

discussing the fairy obvious 2

Looks like CravenLestat likes the dominatrix librarian type.

wiggle tongue  yewot

She’s the only default occult babysitter in the game (from lovely Moonlight Falls, of course), and only has three traits, charismatic, childish and workaholic. Her wings are yellow but thankfully her teeth are not.

Karritz made the following useful additional point to Darstan64 regarding Supernatural Simmies:

discussing the fairy obvious 3

You just knew NRaas Industries mods had to appear at some part of the conversation, didn’t you?

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