The Ask Me Anything Game On The EA Forum Casts A Little Lightfield On The Subject

Sometimes wandering around the EA forum in the unlikeliest of places unearths a whole new potential source of merriment.

ask me anything on ea forum

Over on the Ask Me Anything game on the current EA forum, part of the entertainment is trying to think up the most ridiculous answer you can think of, which with some questions is easier than others.

For example, in the above example from Princess_Kaguya, What is something you have tried but will never do again?  you could say:

Riding a discarded wheelchair down a very steep hill on a public road at night whilst under the influence of alcohol (contrary to the myth, wheelchairs do not steer well and flying into a wooden fence at high speed really is that painful).

ask me anything on ea forum 1

Or in the case of Haids5987 and Lightfield, be careful what you wish for – sometimes we think everyone we’ve ever encountered has turned out to be a bloody frenemy, but never mind.

Now this Lightfield character here proved to be rather intriguing, as you will shortly discover.

ask me anything on ea forum 2

We don’t get many opera buffs around these parts, and we don’t get many opera buffs into punk anywhere, let alone in the Simming community. Is this Michael Algar of the Toy Dolls by any chance? We think we should be told!

ask me anything on ea forum 5

In any case, he certainly impressed McFizzleShizzle judging by her question.

ask me anything on ea forum 6

Stop playing hard to get you tart, a man flashing his nipples on the EA forum with a knowing look is not one wishing to spend his life single.

wag_finger  yewot

He prefers his women to be of the dominant amazonian type, but watch CravenLestat and marvel at his Sharkloverplayer like mastery of La Femme L’Amour…

ask me anything on ea forum 8

Give the boy credit, he’s playing McFizzleShizzle like a Stradivarius, and what beautiful music she’s making to him!

Although it appears there is one note of caution:

ask me anything on ea forum 7

It appears that he’s not the swallowing kind, so we can ascertain he’s more interested in the company of swallowers instead.

smiley-shocked032  puke

ask me anything on ea forum 9

But he’s still a romantic, so you hang on in there McFizzleShizzle!

Elsewhere, spare a thought for poor DeKay – nobody loves him, everybody hates him…

ask me anything on ea forum 3

Aw, poor DeKay, someone give him a cuddle.


ask me anything on ea forum 4

On second thoughts, he’s a Sims 4 player – get behind us, Satan!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

In the meantime, be fair LinaBelina360:

ask me anything on ea forum 10

… even the monsters under your bed have to get out to get themselves a little midnight snark!

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