Harry Putter And The Order Of The Bird’s Nest Soup

harry putter and the sweet and sour stone

Harry Putter? Saigon Alley?

harry putter and the sweet and sour stone 1

How now Rosemow, who was far too polite to point out the spelling errors, although she really needs to use paragraphs more often than submitting walls of text which are twice as hard for non-native English speakers to read as for the rest of us.

Although we suspect with a punning name like Imdragonit, this Simmer used different terminology to get around the notoriously litigious Harry Potter franchise, which is likely to be on full tilt ‘cease and desist’ mode with the latest part of the piggy bank milking franchise coming out tomorrow.

By the way, for anyone that cares, a full synopsis of Harry Potter And The Cursed Child appeared here a month ago. If you ask us, looks like J K Rowling ripped off the Red Dwarf episode ‘Tikka To Ride’ amongst other things, but others can judge for themselves.

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