RosettasStoned’s Pushing The Boat Out

rosettasStoned reappears

If this lot of yours turns out to be a cannabis farm, we will be very disappointment in you, young lady.

rosettasStoned reappears 1

rosettasStoned reappears 2

As it happens, it’s more of a houseboat for shipping your iffy plants and funny bubble pipe liquids around your Simming worlds under the noses of the local Fuzz, plus a female Simmie for CravenLestat to add to his harem you to start a new legacy with.

rosettasStoned reappears 3

Well Rosemow likes it at any rate!

RosettasStoned’s Simmie that is, not iffy plants and funny bubble pipes (then again…).

rosettasStoned reappears 4

Whilst Siliconebunny and Midnightpearl approve of the boat.

If remotely interested, here’s where to get it.

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