Cloverstardropper Discovers All That Glitters Is A Sims 4 Turd

Yes, much as we expected (and you may as well stick your names down for Bookygirl doing so), Switch caved in and got Sims 4 owing to its new trans-friendliness (no one been watching the princess boys in Sims 3?) – redeeming herself partly for her heresy in getting a pirate copy rather than wasting good Sprite tokens on it.

switch in august 2

Which was just as well, since after grumbling about the amount of micro-managing you have to do as a player merely to break even for too long, the only screenshot and other comment about Sims 4 was this:

switch in august

A giant phallic row of trees… really!

wag_finger  smiley-shocked032

The Dominating Crabbiness did try to put some extra Sims 4 content in the game to perk it up, but that wasn’t without its own share of problems:

switch in august 3

Invest in a decent virus checker and firewall instead of that AVG crap, you Californian cheapskate!

wiggle tongue  wiggle tongue

At least there’s the new Pokemon GO craze to divert attention with, although out in the Gold Country there is but one fatal snag:

switch in august 1


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