Deshong04 Drugged Up Designs Are Not So Much A New Low For The EA Forum As A New High!

deshong04's psychedelic wallpaper

Don’t get us wrong, Deshong04 fills the EA forum with some wonderful posts about her game, but seriously she must be a graduate of the Amy Bull School of Clashing Colour Schemes.

deshong04's psychedelic wallpaper 1

yewot  yewot

Who needs a bubble blower when your Simmies need only stare at the wallpaper for two minutes to be tripping out of their faces?

And clearly it’s getting other Simmer stoned out of their minds as well!

deshong04's psychedelic wallpaper 2

Mw1525! King_of_Simcity7! Pull yourselves together, you wallpapery junkie fiends!

wag_finger  wag_finger

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