Writin_Reg: The Same Topic In Album Length Version And Radio Edit Version

Following on from the last post, we ought to mention Writin_Reg’s contribution to events with her routine fine turn of phrase.

She of course you will remember started as one that resolutely backed Sims 4, only to find the novelty wore off very quickly.

writin_reg in elaboration and concision

‘Sims 3 by a long shot – where “ALL life stages matter” as even the ghosts are fully “fleshed” out and not an after thought… not some little robot controlled by their smart phone, insane smiles, freaky walking, and childish toilet humor to the extreme.’

‘It’s like going to a play and the cast quits before the first act is even finished… Sims 4 is a Sims game shell – it is like having an empty box that a great toy might come in – only they forgot to add in the toy… Shameful seeing I wasted 300 dollar on what is virtually a box – a colorful but empty box. I need the patience of a Saint at this point….’

‘Yep Sims 3 and even Sims 2 – forget Sims 4. My patience has ran out.’


Or for those of you needing something a little more concise, came the following this morning:

writin_reg in elaboration and concision 1

bravo  bravo

Although not so mind boggling when you accept that EA are a shower of money grabbing greedy bumnuggets who took Simmers for fools that would buy anything they sicked up and put the Sims tag on it – even more so if they stuck a Maxis sticker on it in the same way major record labels invent pretend ‘indie’ labels to release alternative bands to make them look ‘kewl’ to the Dumblr generation.

Instead of appreciating where they got it right with Sims 3 offset all the problems put right by the fanbase, they took that for stupidity on our parts – which says more about EA and their hirelings than it does about their customers. Now they’re paying the price for it – which is more than we’re doing for any more of their Sims 4 offal.



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