The Cat Crept In The Wide Open Windows 10 (And Got Stuck!)

Many of us dodged a bullet last week when on Friday Microsoft finally stopped nagging us intrusively to upgrade to Windows 10, in some cases trying to even tricking people to installing by accident.

Some have been happy, some have not, some had little choice.

By and large the experience appears to have been positive for most, but now Microsoft no longer have to keep Windows 10 a seemless experience, could it be the problems are only going to really start now?

With that in mind, here’s poor old Sharkloverplayer’s tale of woe, being helped by Colton147 (as if matters couldn’t get worse!):

the cat crept in

Frankly we’d have thought anything would have been an improvement over Windows 8.1 – such as Sinclair Spectrum BASIC for example…

Chesterbigbird? Is that the nickname for Igazor or something?

the cat crept in 1

DeKay, bless him, did his best to help, but if anyone else can offer the Sharkster some help here, he’ll be glad to read of it!

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